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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Charles Leno, Jr; Avery Williams; FCS title game; It is coming

NCAA Football - MPC Computers Bowl - Boise State vs Boston College - December 28, 2005

My wife said we should split up because I keep pretending I am a detective.

I said it was a good idea. We could cover more ground that way.

Charles Leno has been pretty busy this offseason

After getting released from Chicago, it is good to see that he’s on another team. Having a vested interest in the team that is in Washington is going to take some getting used to but oh well. It is great to see him get opportunities and make that NFL money.

Also, there is this:

Arguably the best part if we are being honest! A hearty congratulations to Mr. Leno and his family.

Could Avery Williams be more than a special teams player for Atlanta

The answer is a resounding: maybe! We all look forward to Mr. Williams’ abilities on the special teams portion but hopefully he gets the chance to play all three phases. Something, unfortunately, we did not see while he spent his time on The Blue. Looking forward to seeing him in action regardless.

Eh. They did ok

They got the first down, which is good.

Casual reminder

The internet and, well, things aren’t fun right now. But you know what’s fun? The Countdown. And we look forward to bringing you meaning in your life again.


Open this door.