Pac-12 expansion? Playoff expansion?

The Pac-12 conference has a new commissioner and based on comments he made in his 1st remarks some out there think the Pac-12 will be looking to expand. I went through and read his comments and I didn't see much aside from the fact that he is obviously interested in bringing Las Vegas in to the mix for major events and of course the Pac would love to do that... but would they really invite UNLV? I guess the 1st question is do they have to? I mean the allure of Vegas is allegiant Stadium, home of the Raiders.. but I believe UNLV may be contracted to play there... ever so, I wouldn't think that would stop the PAC from having a bowl game there.

But, lets assume the PAC does look at expansion and doesn't invite UNLV because, well, because they aren't any good. I'd think they go to 14 or 16 teams max. So, do our beloved Broncos stand a chance to get in? Maybe... articles in the past have always assumed the PAC could poach some teams from the BIG12. If they did, that would open spots in the Big12 but I think that would benefit the strong teams in the AAC rather than us.

Let's assume the PAC can't pull any Big12 teams.. I think in this case their first few targets are BYU, SDSU, and maybe Fresno. BYU and SDSU bring fairly solid football teams and strong basketball teams, not to mention a national following for BYU and a huge market in San Diego. If the Pac goes to 14 teams, I think they stop there. If they go to 16, I can see Fresno being in the mix due to another part of Cali being added. I could also see CSU being considered due to their rivalry with Colorado and a fairly new shiny Stadium. And of course UNLV if they need it to bring Vegas in to the mix. All that said, BSU would of course be the best bet competition wise. We also would be a good travel partner for both WA and Ore schools as far as distance.

Now, lets assume the Pac does raid some teams from the Big12. If they are able to pull 2-4 teams I think the Big12 then pulls the same amount from the AAC. While that doesn't help us join a power conference, it would weaken the AAC and put the MWC back in the mix as the best G5. Not a great scenario, but an intriguing possible consolation prize.

All that said, the Pac's new commish also publicly supported expansion to the college football playoff. If the playoff is expanded to 6 teams, we will continue seeing the same BS we've had since it went to 4. If it goes to 8, which is what I think will happen, then I can see the P5 conferences all getting an auto-bid, the best G5 getting an auto-bid, and 2 at large to keep the SEC and Big 10 happy about getting their 2nd or 3rd team in. If this does happen, do we still want to go to the PAC? I mean, of course we do cuz who wouldn't want to play the likes of USC, UCLA, Stanford, and WA on a yearly basis? And of course the money would be there to make us say bye to the MWC super-fast. Plus we'd get to ditch the worst CFB commish out there if you ask me, Hair Thompson. But, if a chance is there for the G5, and Andy Avalos and Co all do what we hope/dream/wish, we could be just fine where we are.

What do you guys think?

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