Which non-conference schedule do you like most?

Boise State has non-conference games scheduled out as far as 2034 at this point. Aside the fact by then we all hope to be in some power conference situation, we have some pretty good non-conference games currently scheduled. I'm not going to look at 13 years out but I feel like the next 5 is a pretty good sample. Lets take a look:

2021: We get Oklahoma State and UTEP at home and face UCF and BYU in away games.

2022: We get Michigan State and BYU at home and Oregon State and UTEP away.

2023: Oregon State and UCF at home and BYU and Michigan State away

2024: Houston and TBD at home and away games at Oregon and Georgia Southern (I'd love to see this home slot filled with Florida State which they have open, even if it means we go there again a future year.)

2025: Oregon and BYU at home and away games at Houston and USF

I don't know about you guys but this is a pretty solid schedule the next 5 years. We will have lots of opportunities to make waves and keep our brand strong. All that said, which season looks the most appealing? I know the next season is always the 1 to look forward to but if you could re-order these seasons which would you rank 1st? Which would be last?

My order would be like this: 2021, 2025, 2023, 2022, 2024*

*Hard to place 2024 not knowing the 4th opponent.. if it is filled with Florida State I'd move that to 2nd.. but keep it in the back with any mid G5 or worse team.

What would you all change?

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