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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: WBB is still around; MBB tournament hopes?; Chase Cord

NCAA Football: Wyoming at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

What is a sea monster’s favourite food?

Fish and ships.

Chase Cord has decided to move on

Good for him. He’s shed blood, sweat, and tears for the Broncos and it is probably for the best he moves on. He deserved a better sendoff than all the injuries and limited time he had with the team. Such is life for the lifespan of an athlete. Sometimes the body betrays you and just doesn’t let you continue. Good luck to Mr. Cord and I hope he is really successful in whatever is next.

WBB win their Mountain West tournament opener against Colorado State

It sucks that the WBB hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt to get at-large bids in general. Course their in-conference season didn’t really go as they planned. But this is just the first step to another conference title for the best coach on campus, Gordy Presnell.

Lunardi still making moves on his NCAA board

A HUGE grain of salt is all I can say when you take a look at this. Still in the field but getting a couple of Mountain West tournament wins would be nice but getting UNR and then SDSU as the first two (possible) matchups is going to be a tall order.


Have I linked the best dinosaur yet? Maybe? Well there it is anyway.