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How many points are good vibes worth?

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NCAA Football: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State football endured one hell of a season. They lost an all-conference running back and defensive heir-apparent in game TWO—due to injuries and COVID had to play what I believe was their 16th string QB against BYU (who summarily paddled our hineys), lost the MWC Championship to San José State(?), skipped their bowl game altogether and then lost Bryan Harsin to Auburn. So here’s my question...what is everyone so damn happy about?!

Well, like Sheryl Crow once warbled, “a little change can do you good”. The Broncos are in the midst of Spring Football and it doesn’t even matter that they had to temporarily pause because of that GD (“gosh darn”) virus, the players and staff are on clouds 8 through 10. Hey, I liked Harsin (in general)...he won plenty of games at the helm, recruited in a weight class above his own, and showed his blue blood early and often during his tenure. That said, he thought it was time to move on and many in Bronco Nation were like, “CORRECT!” So, Harsin is going to make a whole lot of money in a pressure cooker for the next couple seasons at least and Mr. Andy Avalos steps in to his first HC gig at HIS alma mater—expectations are somewhere in the “hazy” to “pea soup” category as the Broncos face what is arguably their toughest schedule ever, but darn it if this team doesn’t have me already believing.

Maybe it’s the new “LOF” mentality (love our family)...maybe they’re all high on that brotherhood that Andy’s been peddling, but something is definitely different about the current mindset of this team. Sure rubber hasn’t met the road yet, but if good vibes count for anything, this team could be a real force in Andy’s first year in the hot seat. A quick scroll of Twitter tells the story better than I can

Get a room, am I right?! BTW, I could (and will) do an entire article about strength coach Lucas White’s tweet of choice...but this is just a tiny sampling of the beams of sunshine that are emanating from the program at the moment. It’s like they like each other! Well, yeah...shouldn’t they? Being close to the program for a few years now you hear certain whisperings and I can tell you with confidence this has not always been the case. Maybe it was fitting that Harsin worked at Texas because, not to tell tales out of school, but he locked horns with some assistants (I don’t think this is a startling revelation). Teamwork makes the dream work and this team is enjoying their “honeymoon phase”. Those phases don’t last forever, but while they do, it can be a helluva ride. And those vibes are contagious, btw. Can you not say you’re not even a little bit more stoked right now than you were pre-Dickey, pre-Avalos, pre-Maile, Plough, Kagy...?

Good vibes don’t win football games (and you don’t win friends with salad), but the goodwill they spawn might just have this team believing again and we’ve seen in the past a Bronco team with belief can do anything.