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NIT Round 1 GameThread: Boise State vs SMU

NCAA Basketball: Mountain West Conference Tournament- Nevada vs Boise St. Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, what the heck...we haven’t done one of these all year but it could be the last game of the year for the Broncos (if history is any indicator...welp), and football has been temporarily paused (UPDATE: It’s back on). Once more into the breach with Leon’s boys (minus Leon’s...actual boy—and Abu Kigab). If you want to reminisce about the good times we were having watching basketball about a month ago, we can do that...or we can lay the season to rest. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! One thing is sure to—they will mention Derrick Alston’s freshman weight (148 ‘soaking wet’). Let’s GO.

Network: ESPN

Opponent: SMU Mustangs (basically at home)

Odds: Boise State by ONE

Swearing forecast: A LOT