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Kellen Moore ranked 14th in list of top 60 QBs since turn of century

Wyoming v Boise State Photo by Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images

It’s a slow Friday, so why not drive some clicks I always say. Yesterday, ESPN released their list of top 60 QBs since the turn of the century (the 21st, that is) and Boise State’s favorite son Kellen Moore checked in at #14. Here’s the excerpt on Moore for those unable to read the entire article

50-3. Fifty and three! That was Boise State’s record with Moore behind center. The Broncos went 6-0 against power conference teams, and two of their three losses were to teams with QBs on this list (Kaepernick’s Nevada, Dalton’s TCU). Ruthlessly efficient for four straight years.

While I initially bristled a bit about Moore being “only” 14th...the list is pretty dang heady (Zach Wilson, who almost signed with the Broncos is 58th). The players listed ahead of Moore on the epic countdown are as follows:

13. Johnny Manziel*

12. Colt McCoy

11. Trevor Lawrence**

10. Robert Griffin III*

9. Marcus Mariota*

8. Lamar Jackson*

7. Kyler Murray*

6. Deshaun Watson**

5. Joe Burrow* **

4. Tim Tebow* **

3. Vince Young **

2. Cam Newton* **

1. Baker Mayfield*

* Heisman Winner
** National Championship

So, looking at the above list...featuring 9 Heisman winners and a handful of national champions (or both), I can understand the ranking (Moore was a Heisman finalist in 2010).

Still, if I had my druthers I’d probably have Moore ahead of at least McCoy in that list (besides, Kellen supplanted McCoy for title of “winningest QB in NCAA history”). The cotton is tall here, folks. Notably, Moore did rank ahead of Heisman winners Troy Smith, Sam Bradford, Carson Palmer, Eric Crouch, Matt Leinart, Jameis Winson, and Jason White.

Speaking of tall cotton, here’s a list of guys that made the list that Boise State defeated (and sadly were also defeated by, in some cases)

59. Andy Dalton

58. Zach Wilson

49. David Carr

40. Aaron Murray

39. Colt Brennan

29. Colin Kaepernick

We loves ya, Kells.