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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: NET Rankings; Leon Rice hits a milestone; Something to point out

NCAA Basketball: Mountain West Conference Tournament- Boise State vs San Diego State Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday I changed a lightbulb, crossed a road, and walked into a bar.

My life is a joke.

NCAA Net rankings

Broncos check in at no. 37. Which is to be expected given the two straight-losses. But the Broncos do have the very good chance to correct that with Utah State up next. It’s going to be a tough series so lets hope that Boise State is able to tough out some wins.

ICYMI: Leon Rice is the best MBB coach in Boise State history

By a lot of metrics he was already there but this record only solidifies Mr. Rice’s place in Boise State history. Would be super-awesome for him to keep growing that win-gap for the next foreseeable future.

Nature is healing

No good reason to include this other than, you know, just pointing out factual statements. But, uhhh, you hate to see it, or something like that.


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