the super senior problem

So the season is pretty much over and our Broncos didn't fare nearly as well as "normal" or nearly as well as I thought they would. The UCF game was one that I really didn't think would end in a loss and we got robbed in the OSU game. Losing to Reno, AFA and San Diego State were disappointments to be sure. I always hate those rare times we lose to Reno.

My musings have had me wondering about the value of keeping "super" seniors. No doubt we had some excellent players that stayed for another year but what did it cost us. I mean I loved those young men, no doubt. However, did that bonus year for them cost us in development of younger players. We have not really had too hard a time reloading in years past with the young guns waiting in the wings and some really great incoming freshmen. So do you think it possible we stunted the growth of the program by having the older players staying and not pushing the younger ones to new heights? Are the the players that were freshmen and sophomores etc, get another year to play? I mean that cannot go on. I do have to admit that having the Kaniho brothers on the field at the same time had to be a thrill for them as it was for us as fans. And I'm sure Kaniho the Elder was a great tutor for his younger brother and we have another three years of Kaniho excellence to watch and admire.

Next year will be another great experience for us in Broncoland I'm sure. Excellence is just part of Bronco DNA. The new starters will perform at a top level I"m sure. I look forward to the fire to be burning hot after a year of missed goals and all the missed opportunities. Go Broncos!

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