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Winston Venable leaves Broncos coaching staff, Keith Bhonapha returns

Nevada v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Coaching isn’t for everyone, especially in college ranks. Moving, recruiting, dealing with young folks (heck, I’ve got three kids that I barely like to deal with), the NCAA, etc. The coaching carousel is always moving.

Yesterday Boise State announced that Winston Venable was stepping down from his role(s) with the Broncos. I big loss to be sure as Mr. Venable was a fan-favorite during his playing days here and we always rooted for him at the NFL level. We will miss Mr. Venable and wish him luck on his next steps.

Having said all that, this morning the Broncos announced Mr. Venable’s replacement, a name that should sound familiar to Broncos everywhere.

Keith Bhonapha will be making a short jaunt back from the confines of Lake Washington to the Boise greenbelt.

If you remember, Mr. Bhonapha had a string of some pretty decent running backs during his first stint with the Broncos (just in case you need me to spell it out for you: Jeremy Avery, Doug Martin, D.J. Harper, and Jay Ajayi).

While we will certainly miss the legendary Venable, having the coaching veteran Bhonapha isn’t anything to shake a stick at.