Today I woke in this mellow reflective mood. Although living in the city, the soft white snow on the ground gave me a bucolic feeling of days as a young man living in the rural midwest. Life slows in the winter; you think and take an inventory of the good the past year has brought.
The snow outside my window will melt. The day will likely look gray and dreary. However I had those brief moments of hope and beauty.
Football gives moments of hope. It provides little victories in our life and like the snow, melts away when a loss occurs. But there is always hope. Vanderbilt and U Mass fans hope. All hope is good. It’s the fuel for the engine of life.
This past season, though not what Bronco fans hoped for, entertained.
The national signing day is upon all college football fans. It is a day of hope.
I’m in somewhat of a forgiving and hopeful mood today. That is the best way to be. I root for two teams on the college scene. A victory gives me something to joyfully talk about and when they lose it seems I’m without words—good words. And I don’t like that. I don’t like negative talk. And it seems as though negative talk follows a loss.
However hope, even in the most dire of situations, brings good words, good talk, and a good smile.
I’m left with this; this past season the Broncos are a dangerous team even in the worst of times. This past season they beat two ranked teams and took a third one to the final ticks of the clock.
What ever the reason for a mediocre season, those three games gives fans hope.
The snow on my street has melted and revealed the hidden reality. However the limbs, lawns, and roofs remain like white icing on a wedding cake. It is beautiful beyond my words.
So there are good words for Coach Andy and his crew. Thanks for the hard work, early mornings, and late nights. Good days are ahead of the Bronco program--the best of days. All good things starts with hope.

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