Expectations vs coaching changes?

Hey all, I thought it'd be interesting to discuss what everyone thinks should happen at the end of this season, depending on different outcomes. I will start out by saying I was extremely happy with the hire of Avalos as HC, and was happy to keep Danielson as our DC as well. Plough was a huge unknown to me but after reading about his offenses I got really excited. All that said, I haven't closed the book on anybody at this point. Our season has not gone the way we wanted it to, and even if we go on to win out it will still be one of our worst years in awhile. This got me thinking.. how much needs to happen for drastic change?

There are many factors that have played in to our record this year. On one hand, you have a new offensive coaching staff, installing a new system, with players that were recruited to play in a different system. On the other hand, you have a defensive coaching staff partly in tact, with the returning HC having relationships with many of the players already here. Every year is different, so we can't compare the past to the current group. Even if we were exactly the same, all of our opponents have had lots of changes. Change is a constant in college football, but how we adapt to it is what separates the good from the mediocre/bad.

So all that said, what does it take to keep our staff intact? Or what does it take to scrap it all? I know some fans who are already calling for specific coaches to be gone. I won't lie, I've had some of those thoughts. Others think it's more of a player issue, and can't wait to see Sears or Green get in (mainly because we've seen mostly everyone else in other positions). I'm curious to know what everyone thinks. Vote in the poll below or add some comments!

After typing that I realized there is no option to create a poll anymore? So just pretend there is and vote in the comments!

Question: What has to happen for us to make coaching changes?

A. We need to make changes for sure, even if we win out and win the MWC. Multiple losses on the blue are unacceptable!

B. We don't make any changes, but only if we win out and win the MWC.

C. We make changes if we do not finish bowl eligible and get in a bowl game.

D. We don't need to make any changes. We beat BYU while they were ranked and that's all that matters.

E. I don't care. Let someone paid to make the decision do so. I don't even know why I clicked on this article.

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