So, this is an attempt to pick your brain about this weeks game with Fresno.

I will ask what you believe BSU will score point-wise, and then ask three multiple choice questions.

Question 1: BSU will score how many points?________

Q#2: BSU will win by: A- 0 to 5 points … B- 6 to 12 points ... C- 13 points or more

Q#3: BSU Total passing/rushing yards will be:

G- Less than 199 yards … H- between 200 to 449 yards … I- 450 yards or more

Q#4: Opponent total passing/rushing yards will be:

M- less than 199 yards … N- between 200 and 449 yards …O- 450 yards or more

The hard part is left to me. The correct multiple choice answers will score 5 points each. If you guess the BSU score within 3points on either side it will score 15 points, within 4 to 9 points of the guess scores 7 points, with guesses off by ten points or more receiving no points. The highest maximum score would be 30.

Your challenge, if you choose to play, is to fall into the 20 to 30 point winners circle. You know your team and you understand your opponent.

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