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13 Broncos take home All-MW Honors

NCAA Football: Nevada at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a lot of things that make sense in this world. Take chocolate peanut butter ice cream or Taco Tuesdays for example.

One thing not designed to make sense is the Mountain West All-Conference Team. Now you (the reader) might think that we’re biased. That’s not true. Boise State just simply is the only team worth writing about from a strictly empirical perspective.

Now to the Mountain West’s credit, Khalil Shakir found himself safely atop the list of 1st team wide receivers. Jonah Buckets and John Ojukwu joined him at K and OL.

Glaringly absent from 1st team is the one-man wrecking ball that is JL Skinner. But who knows? Maybe a fumble recovery for a TD against a playoff team would have put him over the edge. What’s that? Oh sorry, late whistle.

Some of these we don’t understand but will gladly take. For example, Stef Cobbs brought home 2nd Team punt returner. I’m sure he would have been excellent returning punts, but he returned just one all year. Don’t get us wrong, it was a beautiful 81 yard TD return, but the bar seems kinda low. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s probably Avery Williams for double and triple dipping in the return TD fountain the last few years…

1st Team

  • Khalil Shakir, WR
  • Jonah Dalmas, K
  • John Ojukwu, OL

2nd Team

  • Ben Dooley, OL
  • Jake Stetz, OL
  • Scott Matlock, DL
  • JL Skinner, DB
  • Stefan Cobbs, PR

Honorable Mention

  • Octavious Evans, WR
  • Tyreque Jones, DB
  • Kekaula Kaniho, DB
  • Ezekiel Noa, LB
  • Riley Whimpey, LB

The 15th ranked defense in the country netted exactly 0 players on the first team. Make it make sense?

Lastly, we will never say no to a ranking on the list. We are very agreeable that way. However, this maybe proves the mystery that is the O-line. We have very talented players on the line, but this was a tough year up front. 3/5 making the list definitely came as a shock to me. That being said MW gods, we are grateful, we just wish we were more grateful.

What are your thoughts on the list? Who’s deserving of 1st/2nd/Honorable mention? Who was a surprise?