BSU vs SDSU scorekeeper

BSU vs SDSU scorekeeper (Friday 11/26 CBS early) National 10am mst/9am pst

So, how do you think we will do against SDSU?

I will ask what you believe BSU will score point-wise, and then ask three multiple choice questions.

Question 1: BSU will score how many points? ________

Q#2- SDSU will score in what point range?

‘pr 1’ – between 0 and 15 points …‘pr 2’ – 16 to 30 points…‘pr 3’ - 31 to 45 ‘pr 4 ‘ -- 46 or more points

Q#3- Which team will have the fewest penalty yards?

‘X’ BSU … ‘Y’ SDSU … ‘Z’ Tied …

Q#4- How much time will BSU control the football?

‘M’- 27 minutes or less … ‘N’ 28 to 31 minutes … ‘O’ – 32 minutes or more

The hard part is left to me. The correct multiple choice answers will score 5 points each. If you guess the BSU score within 2 points on either side it will score 15 points, within 3 to 6 points of the score is 7 points, with guesses off by seven points or more receiving no points. The highest combined scores would be 30.

Your challenge is to make the 20 to 30 point winners category. Duplicate players answers don’t matter, you are playing your best 4 guesses.

WINNERS for NM game… score was BSU 37 to NM 0 ‘Z’, ‘G’, ‘D’.

The three highest winners were:

lvkit with 20 points ,

84bsufan with 17 points (2nd week in a row with 3 correct guesses), and

daveypryor with 15 points (with all three multi/c guesses)

Kudos to all winners

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