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Boise State clobbers New Mexico 37-0

New Mexico didn’t really stand a chance

New Mexico v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Two blocked punts returned for touchdowns.

A defensive shut out.

Jonah Dalmas tying a school record.

George Holani hitting the century mark again.

Khalil Shakir going HAM on a patsy defense with 33 yards rushing and 116 yards receiving and a touchdown.

These were the highlights and bright spots from a shellacking of New Mexico that, well, probably should have been an even worse shellacking.

Hank Bachmeier managed 146 yards passing, one touchdown on 11/22 passes. He did have one interception (his first in a while but I’m not really going to do the math right now).

The Broncos were leading 17-0 at around the 13 minute mark in the second quarter but the offense still had yet to put up any points. The Bachmeier to Shakir pass at the end of the second quarter finally saw the offense join the special teams in putting any points on the board.

Jonah Dalmas continued his Lou Groza award resume with three field goals (tying Bronco great Tyler Rausa season-high 24) and all of his PATs.

Jack Sears came in mop up duty and led the Broncos to their las scoring drive: a 1 yard rush untouched to the end zone. Good for Sears as he’s had an odd run during his year(s) at Boise State.

The Broncos never seemed to be in any sort of trouble from the Lobos (they really weren’t) but for some reason it didn’t feel like they were adequately pulling away at any point of the game. If it weren’t for the stellar play of the defense and special teams (and the general physical mismatch of the Boise State athletes vs New Mexico) this game could have ended a lot closer, and weirder, than we would have liked.

All in all the Broncos did what they were supposed to do: beat the Lobos and beat them pretty handily on Senior Night. Unfortunately it was done in a crowd of 28,542, the lowest of the season. The one positive is this season’s attendance averaged the second-highest in Boise State history. So that’s good.

Next up is San Diego State next Friday (11/26) at 9 am pacific.