BSU vs New Mexico Scorekeeper

So, how do you think we will do against New Mexico?

I will ask what you believe BSU will score point-wise, and then ask three multiple choice questions.

Question 1: BSU will score how many points? ________

Q#2: After starting kickoff, which team will take first possession of the ball?

‘W’- BSU… ‘Z’- opponent …

Q#3: BSU Total passing/rushing yards will be:

‘G’- 390 yards or more … ‘H’- between 241 to 389 … ‘I’- Less than 240 yards …

Q#4: BSU wins by: {rule mention—a BSU loss equals 0 points (‘A’)}

‘A’- 0 to 6 points … ‘B’- 7 to 15 points ... ‘C’- 16 to 25 …‘D’- 26 points or more …

The hard part is left to me. The correct multiple choice answers will score 5 points each. If you guess the BSU score within 2 points on either side it will score 15 points, within 3 to 6 points of the score is 7 points, with guesses off by seven points or more receiving no points. The highest maximum score would be 30.

Your challenge, if you choose to play, is to fall into the 20 to 30 point winners circle. Duplicate players answers don’t matter, you are playing your best 4 guesses.

WINNERS CIRCLE for Wyoming game… score was BSU 23 to Wyoming13 K D V

The top two scorers were: 84bsufan with 17 points, and shellcore with 15 points.

I did a little better this week, so I must tweak the bullseye target challenge.

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