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Boise State drops third home game in a row to Air Force

Air Force v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

The Broncos come into this AFA game riding high after their win over then top 10 BYU. Now that all non-conference games are over the ‘ones that matter’ are set to finish out the year. This game will be crucial for the Broncos to keep any sort of momentum and hopes for a Mountain West title.

The Broncos won the opening toss and elected to receive the ball first, crucial to get on the board first and have the Falcons chase the score. This works out pretty well, to be honest. The Broncos open the game with a touchdown on the first drive, Hank Bachmeier to Stefan Cobbs for the score. The Broncos went 75-yards and had a mixture of pass and runs.

As predicted, the Falcons would rely solely on the run to answer on the following drive. Tying the game in somewhat easy fashion it felt like. I hate the triple option.

The ensuing possession the Broncos went a really quick three-and-out. Not quite helpful when playing a team that really limits possessions.

As luck would have it, AFA marched down the field and scored, again, with relative ease. Putting Boise State in a 14-7 deficit. The refs did manage to overturn a crucial would-be fumble recovery for the Broncos by ruling the fumble as a... forward pass. Quite a stretch, to be sure.

The Broncos were able to make it a 14-14 game with an Andrew Van Buren TD-run on the next series.

The Falcons would score one more time before the half and the Broncos take a 14-21 deficit into the second half.

The second half started with the Broncos holding the Falcons to two three-and-outs. Which is good! But, unfortunately, the Broncos weren’t able to capitalize on any of their ensuing drives with any points. Which isn’t good when you’re facing a team that eats clock like none other.

In fact, on the second possession of the 3rd quarter the Broncos were on the AFA three yard line and an opportunity to knot up the score on fourth down. But, for whatever reason, the Broncos only had ten men on the field for the play. Bold strategy.

The Boise State offense sputtered the rest of the second half. The Falcons did not do themselves many favors, though, as they were only able to score a FG in the whole second half.

The Broncos did manage to score a FG late and get within a touchdown and PAT, 24-17. The ensuing onside kick worked and the Broncos did get the ball back with 47 seconds left.

Then Hank Bachmeier threw an interception on the first play to seal it.

The defense wasn’t really the ones that let this game get away as the offense couldn’t manage much.

As it goes, the Broncos lose 24-17.