Well, it looks like we have Memphis on the schedule. Which is a good add. While I know we would all love to have a Power 5 team, Memphis has shown lately that they are a strong team. Also, it is good for the MW to beat the AAC teams so that the comparison can be drawn toward the end of the season. A win over the class of the AAC and winning the MW championship is a strong argument. It is hard to get real excited now because these seem so far in the future. However, I remember thinking that when we scheduled Florida State and Michigan State but here we are.

I hope but doubt if we will be able to reschedule FSU on the schedule but I suspect it gets more and more challenging to get mediocre P5 Teams on the schedule because they don't get much for winning and lose a lot if we beat them.

I would think appealing to the teams that are on the fringe of the College Football Playoff would benefit from having a strong G5 team on their schedule. I can't wait to see what Mr. Dickey can get put together. I think it was wise to go outside the family for the AD position as I remember when Mark Coyle came in one of his immediate impacts was to add several good nonconference match ups to the schedule. Curt Apsey's scheduling left something to be desired. Gene Bleymaier was excellent at getting good matchups but I wonder if part of that was because we were still under the radar. Speaking of which he scheduled several bouts with Utah. That would be fun as a regional matchup.

Maybe we should call Mark Coyle and schedule a game???

Who else would you like to see on the schedule? Who do you think Jeramiah Dickey will wrangle into the corral schedule?

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