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Boise State announces new Director of Athletics

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Boise Practice Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

One piece of the administration question is now done.

Boise State has announced the new Director of Athletics: Jeremiah Dickey.

Mr. Dickey comes to Boise State from Baylor where he served as the Associate Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics.

From the Boise State release:

At Baylor, Dickey most recently provided leadership, operational oversight and team vision to the Bears’ external relations, business operations, facilities, event management, capital projects, equipment, information technology and human resources units, while also serving as sport program administrator for football, overseeing scheduling, operational organization and initiatives through collaboration with the head coach and Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics Mack Rhoades.

It is nice to have this very important role (finally) filled and with what sounds like a qualified individual.

The selection of Mr. Dickey may meet some consternation from those within the alumni base (specifically former athletes) that wanted to fill the position in-house with Brad Larrondo. In this very important role, Boise State is probably going to be seen as a stepping-stone. One where folks see it as a leverage to another position. Fine. Hopefully that will lead to some aggressive action and forward-thinking proposals and moves to help put Boise State in a strong position for the future.

Now the next step is locking down the Head Football Coach for Boise State.

It appears as though one candidate is no longer on the board:

Which I get. There is a lot going on there and The Chosen One wouldn’t have been long for the CFB world anyway.

Fingers crossed we will be posting a new HC here real soon.