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Coordinated efforts: Avalos names OC and DC hires

Boise State University

Boise State took the sizeable first step for the future of the program by hiring Andy Avalos over the we know the IDs of his most important hires.

Earlier this evening, Avalos and the school announced that Spencer Danielson will be retained as defensive coordinator—a role he shared with Jeff Schmedding the last two seasons (Schmedding has followed Harsin to Auburn). Danielson is an Avalos protege, so this move makes perfect sense. Considering Danielson is also a player favorite, this seems like a slam dunk retention. Danielson will also coach inside linebackers for the Broncos next season. He’s been with the Broncos since 2017. Here are some key quotes about the hiring/not firing of Danielson—first, from Avalos:

“Spencer is a man of faith, he is one of the best leaders Boise State has been fortunate to have and his engagement and impact with our student-athletes stretches beyond the university and into the community,” Avalos said. “He is someone I’ve watched grow in this profession – both from afar and up close – and I know he is more than ready for this opportunity. We are excited to see our innovating and relentless defense.”

And now from the Spenster

“I am so fired up to continue to be part of this brotherhood, and to work directly with Andy Avalos, someone who has taught me so much and been one of my greatest mentors, and someone that I look up to as a leader of young men,” Danielson said. “When Boise State has been at its best, we’ve had dominant defenses, and I can’t wait to continue building on past successes toward a bright future.”

With a defensive-minded head coach (the first since Pokey Allen), one would think the offense might be somewhat of an afterthought. NOT SO! The Broncos’ bread and butter has been their high-flying offenses and with tonight’s offensive coordinator hire, they’re looking to get back to some of those roots on that side of the line.

Moments ago, Boise State confirmed what had been rumored since the weekend—they’re hiring UC Davis OC Tim Plough to the same role with the Broncos. Plough served under Dan Hawkins at Davis and was responsible for some of the FCS’s most high-flying offenses. His last two seasons with the Aggies, his offenses produced back-to-back 3,500+ yard passers and lest you think it’s a glorified Air Raid—they had back-to-back 1,000 yard rushers as well. Balance, baby! Here are a few words about Plough from Andy:

“When I got this job, there was one person that came to mind for our offensive coordinator position, and we are very lucky to have him,” Avalos said. “Tim is a great husband and father, and someone who will bring family and team-first values to Boise State. His ability to develop quarterbacks and lead explosive and precise offenses is evident by the production of his previous teams, and he has a willingness to invest himself in our university and community.”

And now Mr. Plough (that should help inform the pronunciation)

“My family and I are so excited to be joining the Boise State program, but also to live in the Treasure Valley community,” Plough said. “We value the relationships that we can build, and the support we know we’re going to get. A big reason we wanted to be here was to work for a great program, but also to work for someone like Andy Avalos, someone we believe in. We are focused on putting together a group that Bronco Nation can be proud of, and one that will score a bunch of points.”

Oooh, I like points!

No word yet on position coaches yet (rumor has it there will be a couple more Harsin holdovers), but I’d say we’re off to a good start!

Oh, and here’s a video of new OC Plough (who came highly-recommended from Hawk AND Coach Pete) explaining some Xs and Os. Good watch.