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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Andy Avalos; Some more coaches hired; Paris Austin

Boise State University Broncos Football

Why is moon rock tastier than earth rock?

It’s a little meteor.

Andy Avalos named Boise State head coach

I cannot tell you how geeked up I am about this hire. Coach Avalos is going to be a fantastic hire for the Broncos and I cannot wait for the team to get after it in earnest. Here is the video of Coach during yesterday’s press conference.

There are some really cool moments here and, if you are able, definitely take a listen to the whole thing.

Speaking of new coaches...

Here are two hires that we know are coming to the Broncos.

Just how productive? The UC Davis Aggies led the FCS in total passing yards the last three seasons. The Broncos apparently look to move the ball. So that, coupled with the genius that is an Andy Avalos defense, the Broncos should be unstoppable.

And then here is a familiar name (I am aware that Drew did mention the Marshall add in his article):

It is unclear what Mr. Marshall’s role will be but you have to figure it is going to be on defense somewhere.

Our condolences


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