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Are you ready for some football?!

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images

It’s been several weeks since OBNUG’s annual countdown concluded and it’s been approximately 12 years since 2020 began, but if you look out your front window you may just see that all my rowdy friends are coming over tonight. Well, not tonight per sé, but in the neighborhood of October 24th we’re coming over and you better have plenty of hot wings that we can enjoy together at a safe distance.

Last night, it was reported on several different twitter accounts that the Mountain West no longer wanted to wait until spring to strap on the pads and were probably getting tired of Coastal Carolina getting their rightful spotlight. The specifics of the discussions are still somewhat cloak and dagger, but sources say the MWC ADs had a fruitful discussion yesterday and are encouraged enough by an antigen testing protocol to perhaps return to football by October 24th. Of course, they’ll still need to vote on this plan, and if they want to meet that October 24th start date, should probably get on that since teams have been doing a newfangled practice known as...well...practice. Of course, there are certain teams that might not be able to ramp up as quickly given local Covid guidelines, but I think what we’ve seen with the Pac-12’s willingness to start up again, those concerns might be overblown.

The bad news? Boise State’s streak of winning 9+ games is definitely in jeopardy as an 8 game league season is currently what is being discussed, but they still want to hold a championship game on December 19th, so just gotta go undefeated again...easy peasy. No word yet on whether Craig Thompson found more Dippity-Do is on board, but we can all hope. Listen, we’re not starting the countdown again...but will likely be emerging from our sports-less slumber just in time for the weather to get cold. There’s light at the end of this tunnel folks, as long as it’s not obscured by wildfire smoke.