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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Moa Constrictor sighting; Football Football Football; And some basketball

Boise State University Broncos Basketball Arena

My 4 year old son has been learning spanish all year and he still can’t say the word please.

Which i think is poor for four.

Looks like the Big Ten is officially playing this fall

The article I posted yesterday was the “allegedly” version. This one is confirming that—indeed—they will be playing. This is cool.

Which leads to this...

Pac-12 making their own moves to start playing again

This statement is hilarious.

At the crux of the whole thing: they never asked if they could restart. That’s just... hilarious.

But they’re getting the wheels in motion, though. So that’s good. How about the Mountain West? I’m glad you asked

Mountain West: Ehhhhhhh

Talk about including a lot of words, but not really saying anything. Just need football, please. Brett McMurphy put out a report that the Mountain West is at least trying. So there’s that.

Coach Harsin has put out a statement regarding football this fall

He wants to play. The players want to play. (And if we are being honest: the university really needs the cash, not to mention the surrounding businesses and local economy.)

David Moa signs to Atlanta Falcons practice squad

Well I’ll be. With the flurry of news that’s coming out in the college ranks (you know, just playing in general) I almost missed this. I love this news for the Moa Constrictor.

In the world of CBB shooty-hoops

November 25th. So that’s cool.


This internet ROTATES!