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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: More FB voting; Jeremy McNichols; Lets get Tyler Rausa on an NFL roster

Poinsettia Bowl Boise State v TCU Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

And the voting continues!

The Broncos are asking you to vote for the best kicker of the decade. There are only three options here so it’s a tad easier to decide which one you want to have represent. For what it’s worth: I voted for Dan Goodale. If you guys want, you can leave a note in the comments on who you voted for.

Jeremy McNichols was added to the Tennessee active roster yesterday

Kudos to him and the work he has been doing on the next level. I hope he’s able to stay there (or on any roster really) long term.

Also: he’s not going to squander the chances he gets, clearly.

Maybe Tyler Rausa can finally make it on an NFL roster

I mean. It’s not as if the guys currently kicking are doing any better.

Would be super-cool if he were able to get some looks at least.


This is a fun clock.