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The Nuclear Option, Week 2: vs Oregon State (2006)

Everybody Loves Our Johnson

Boise State University Broncos Football

Welcome to THE NUCLEAR OPTION, Week 2! In lieu of attempting football during a pandemic, we’re being responsible and reliving the greatest possible season of Boise State football wins.

This week is the breakout game for that unforgettable 2006 Fiesta Team, Boise State vs Oregon State, September 7th, 2006.

The Lead-Up

You might recall that 2006 was a new coaching staff under first-time head coach Chris Petersen. There were lots of new faces on offense and defense, and Jared Zabransky hadn’t had the most stellar, nobody quite knew what to expect.

So, while I am pretty sure I remember reading Chadd and/or Prater and/or Murph leading up to the game, the Statesman’s online archive is...not great. This 2006 matchup was pre-modern OBNUG, too, so it’s slim pickins on the lead-up. Suffice to say nobody really saw the Broncos sticking it to Oregon State so hard; as I recall, most of us were just hoping they kept it close enough to have a shot, and didn’t pull a 2005 whoopsie.

Here’s the 2006 Media Guide, have a look-see!

Also, fun aside: I worked for ESPN on this game. If you spot a gangly kid running security for the west side camera crane, that’s probably me.

The Game

Watch it on YouTube!

Unfortunately, due to some issues with how the video permissions were set by the uploader, it doesn’t want to play nice with most group watching features.

Here’s the official box score.

Give the game a re-watch and share your thoughts in the comments below. Game thread surrogate!