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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Mountain West hoops preview; Cedrick Wilson; LVE; Alexander Mattison

Poinsettia Bowl Boise State v TCU Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

A new strain of head lice is going around which is resistant to conventional treatments.

That has left scientists scratching their heads.

College Hoops Today profiles the Mountain West

“This is the season Leon Rice has been waiting for.” Is directly from the article. This hoops season is going to be interesting (if there is one) since Derrick Alston decided to come back and not head to the NBA. Which is awesome. I was honestly fretting that for a while. Jon Rothstein does some rankings and whatnot. Definitely worth your time if your a hoops fan.

Alexander Mattison!

I always love seeing these candid clips.

Heck. While we are at it, check out LVE

Dude has gotten... bulkier.

I mean. How that is even possible boggles the mind. I am so glad he’s over his neck issue.

Cedrick Wilson also doing a good at NFL training camp

Which always boggles my mind when I read these awesome things about Boise State dudes and then they invariably end up getting cut. I certainly hope this doesn’t happen to Wilson this time around.


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