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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Home opener; Big XII schedule; Mountain West Superlatives

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs v Boise State Broncos Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

A giant fly has attacked the local police.

Police have called SWAT team.

Boise State’s home opener appears on track *for now*

But, as always, things can/will change.

Which is good news for the Countdown! As with life, the rich are just able to do what they want to do (P5 schools moving to conference-only games) will the rest have to go about doing all they can to survive. So 12-game full schedule it is for the Sun Belt.

Speaking of the haves in CFB...

The Big XII is moving toward a conference-only schedule with one non-conference and it has to be at the Big XII school. I casually mention this because there are certain fans of teams that think their particular institutions should belong in the Big XII and thus included in this.

This blog has a Mountain West superlatives

Everything checks out. Though I 100% disagree with the best position group pick. I’ll let you click on that to find out what he chose.


Here are some random text for you.