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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Recruiting; Jeremy McNichols; Active NFL players; K-pop

Motel 6 Cactus Bowl - Baylor v Boise State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Did you hear about the cheese factory explosion in France?

All that was left was de Brie.

ICYMI: Broncos land a recruit

The Broncos are notoriously slow out of the gate for a lot of commits. While other schools get, relatively, early commits the Broncos can be a bit more choosy still end up with really solid results. The ‘21 class is going to be ok despite any sort of slowness.

Jeremy McNichols trying to stand out in Tennessee

The Weapon has had a bit of an up-and-down tenure in the NFL. It is encouraging to see that he is making the most of out his opportunities. Now for those chances to translate to some game time.

This is a fun list

I don’t know how accurate that list is. But I’m going to go ahead and take it for being 100%. who would have thought that *squints* _yoming would have the second-most active players in the NFL for the Mountain West. But here we are. 2020 continues to amaze (read: make me roll my eyes) super hard.

You guys like K-pop?

Because, for some reason, K-pop group BLACKPINK (along with Selena Gomez) wore some Boise State apparel for their collaboration ‘Ice Cream’.

Normally I would have just embedded the whole video here. But, umm, while the video isn’t necessarily NSFW posting here may be awkward for some folks to watch/listen to. (Note: I did watch the video/listened to the song. It’s pretty catchy. Look for it to be overplayed on your local top-40 radio station soon.)


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