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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Ced Wilson; Curtis Weaver; Former footballers are back; Top 25

San Jose St. vs. Boise St. Photo by Joe Jaszewski/Idaho Statesman/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Apparently you can’t use “beefsoup” as a password.

It isn’t stroganoff.

AP put out a preseason top 25

And the Broncos aren’t on it. Well boo to them. We didn’t want it anyway. That is why—I assume—we decided to just opt out of the season anyway. Don’t need no stinking recognition!

Ced Wilson: saying stuff

I just want to see him on the field again in some capacity. I sure hope he is able to see the field this year (in one way or another). I think he will be able to do some pretty great things.

Curtis Weaver didn’t clear waivers

You can click the link to see where he landed. The Dolphins are dummies, to be sure. I mean. I get it. He got injured. But he will heal and bounce back.

Now let us just hope the Browns don’t screw things up. (I look forward to regretting that last sentence in a couple of years.)

Former Broncos joining the football staff

Good move by these guys.

I always wonder where we will see these guys five, 10 years from now. Hopefully doing great things.


Do you like drawing? This is a pretty neat drawing site. You don’t even have to be particularly graceful either. Even I drew something interesting.