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Boise State roster countdown: Day 17, Mason Sikes

Lamar Ball(er)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 06 Marshall at Boise State Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s Day 17 on the countdown, but today’s player says he’s #82 on Twitter, but we didn’t know about any number changes by the time the countdown happened...SO SAY HELLO TO DAY 17, #82—MASON SIKES

#82, Mason Sikes, Senior, Tight End


Height: 6‘4”

Weight: 243

High School: Lumberton HS (Lumberton, TX)

How’d he get to the Blue™?

After finishing up his junior year at Lamar University, Mason announced that he intended to transfer, hoping to land somewhere that could help launch him to the NFL with some more exposure. Luckily, Coach Riddle saw something he liked. Mason announced an offer from Boise State on March 26th, committed on April 9th, and rolled into town on June 7th.



No, seriously.


Getty Images

Echoes of Cincinnati Reds player Joey Votto, anyone?

Career Highlights

The video quality may leave something to be desired, but check it:

2020 Prospectus

Well, delayed season aside, Tight End is a singularly stacked position for Boise State this fall/winter/spring. The historical ebb and flow of tight end utilization here makes guessing before the season somewhat of a fool’s errand.

That said, even with a stacked position, the coaching staff wanted to bring in more talent. Either they have big plans for TE usage (keeping Hank upright, anyone?) or they REALLY liked what they saw from Mr. Sikes. Without an inside source cluing us into the coaches’ thought process, it looks like a positive conclusion can be drawn.

Might be time to warm up those vocal cords, tight end fans, “SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKES” doesn’t quite have the easy hum of “SCHOOOOOU”. Or maybe it should be “MOOOOOOSE”?

Is he on Twitter?

If you haven’t been tracking up to this point, obviously he is. Fairly active, too!

Completely made up fact

Back at Lamar, Mason was part of an all-male acapella group.