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Boise State roster countdown 2020: Day 18, Billy Bowens

Boise State v Hawaii Photo by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

Boise State had a lot of wide receivers last year, and guess what? They still have a lot of good receivers this year. One of them is...

#18, Billy Bowens, RS SO, WR

Boise State University


Height: 6’1”

Weight: 202 lbs (+15)

High School: Redlands East Valley HS (Redlands, CA)

How’d he get to The BlueTM?

Offered by the majority of the Mountain West (and B.Y. Ewww), Billy was a well known 3-star WR recruit in the west. He was noticed by schools for his speed and his routes. Despite being on the lighter side for his height, he caught the attention of coaches. And he seems to have added some playing weight since--shoutout to coach Pittman and mass gainer shakes! Billy committed to BSU with the Class of 2018, and enrolled in August.


Man, there are just NOT a lot if great look alike candidates for this dude. I even went so far as to briefly consider Jimi Hendrix, but ultimately decided Cam Newton was as close as I could get. Lookalike generators were no help at all.


”Owens Bowens”

Prior to playing football, Billy was a track athlete in the 400, and trained alongside his sister. So, in an homage to one of the greatest track athletes of all time, I present: “Owens Bowens”

Career highlights

Billy has started one game in his two years here, and has played in four. Presently (and somewhat ironically, considering his position) he has statistically accounted for one rush for 11 yards...and one tackle! In the meantime, enjoy some of his high school highlights.

2020 Prospectus

As previously mentioned, Boise State has a fair number of talented playmakers at the wide receiver position. Still. Which is actually a really, really good problem to have. As far as playing time, there’s a lot of spots on a field for a wide receiver. Sometimes as many as five. So it’s good to have a lot of talented people to fill them. Which brings us to Billy, who is very talented. While I don’t see anyone drastically reducing the playing time of Shakir, Thomas, or Evans, and I’m on the record as saying I think Cobbs has something of a breakout year, that still leaves plenty of room for Bowens to make an impact in 2020 (or spring of 2021 or whatever).

Is he on Twitter?

At one point, he did have a Twitter. However, it appears he no longer does.

Completely made up fact

Billy arrived at Boise State from California by sprinting it in 400 meter increments...he arrived the day after he left.