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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Will Florida State come to Boise?; MW Student-Athlete of the Year; MBB Hoops

Louisiana Tech v Boise State Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

What do you call a person who eats other people slowly?

A cannibble.

There a chance that Florida State eventually comes to Boise?


I certainly hope the fine folks over at Florida State negotiate in good faith to get the trip to Boise scheduled. I, for one, wouldn’t hold my breath either way. But I suppose they are at least saying the correct things? I can 100% see why they would be hesitant. But they would certainly have my respect if they actually do come here in the near(ish) future.

A Bronco is named MW Scholar-Athlete of the Year

This is, supposedly, the highest honor that the MW can bestow on an athlete. This marks the third year in a row that a Bronco has earned the award (Allie Ostrander last year, Mason Hampton two years ago). That is a pretty decent record. Congratulations to Ms. Noneman on her recognition and may that success continue wherever she goes.

Here is a Mountain West Offseason Breakdown

Some complimentary things said about Leon Rice and his roster. now for the season to happen and these guys show what they’re made of.


You tired of actually having to hold a Magic 8 Ball? Well tire no more!