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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Golf; Former coach; When to play a team?

Boise State University Broncos Football

What do you call a dog that does magic?

A labracadabrador.

A Bronco won a golf tournament on Saturday

It is pretty self-explanatory. Winners gonna win.

I assume it is easier to social distance yourself in golf with their whole set up. It’s good to see some positive sports coverage over all the doom-and-gloom I have been seeing.

The St Louis Post-Dispatch talks about the history of a former coach

Some good insight here. To see how a coach takes his style with the different influences of how he works for and makes them his own. I am curious how well Drinkwitz does in the first season of a P5 school.

I am slightly offended by this Boise State mention

I mean. I suppose it makes sense? But this was definitely one of the more irritating losses, for me, and I don’t like being reminded of it. (So I am sharing it with you guys because misery loves company.)


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