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Boise State roster countdown 2020: Day 95, Trevor Cole

WR, Trevor Cole

Man, it feels so good to be talking about football again! Due to...reasons, on day 95 of our countdown, we’ll actually be covering jersey number 32. So, on that note:

#32 Trevor Cole, RS Freshman, Wide Receiver


Height: 5’10”

Weight: 191

High School: St. Joseph High School,

How’d he get to the Blue™?

Mr. Cole comes to Boise State as a walk on after playing both ways at St. Joseph High School and setting a school record with 16 touchdown catches his senior year as a wide receiver. As a cornerback, he had 52 tackles, one interception, four passes defensed, and one fumble recovery in two years. In a (somewhat) rare turn of events, there’s actually some video of him discussing his commitment, so I’ll let him tell you the rest!


A beardless iteration of Oscar winner and 30 Seconds To Mars lead singer, Jared Leto


“Angel Face”

Because...well, just watch Fight Club!

Career Highlights

Currently none as a Bronco since he redshirted last year.

2020 Prospectus

Much has been made about the incredible depth and talent of the Boise State wide receiver corp, and it’s all justified. Boise State has a lot of really, really good receivers. While it seems likely that this year will be an opportunity for Cole to add some seasoning, you just never know what can happen over the course of a career and/or season. I seem to recall feeling very confident about the quantity of an impressive group of linebackers not too long ago, only to see some heavy attrition at that spot. Plus, I’m pretty sure Thomas Sperbeck was a walk on safety and/or quarterback before becoming Boise State’s career receiving yards leader. So, we’ll just see!

Is he on Twitter?

Not that I was able to find. Please correct me if I’m wrong and I will happily update.

Completely made up fact

As a teen, Trevor developed quite an affinity for antiquated technology. So much so that he had a daily local broadcast segment in Santa Maria where he would educate people about various types of durable telecopying machines. It was called “Cole’d Hard Fax”