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Boise State roster countdown 2020: Day 83, Damon Cole

Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl - Washington v Boise State Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Our player for today has done a little switching back and forth in his career, but has taken it in stride. Today we highlight #83, Damon Cole.

#83, Damon Cole, RS Junior, CB


Height: 6’

Weight: 186 lbs (+11 lbs)

High School: El Cerrito Senior High School, El Cerrito, CA

How’d he get to the Blue™?

Listed as a 3-star recruit by 247Sports, Damon had offers from the majority of MW teams, but he made the correct decision to pass on all of those and go Blue.


“Quick 6”

Twitter knows all.


Kyrie Irving

Career Highlights

Damon does not yet have stats attributed to him as a Bronco. He switched from WR to CB last season.

Damon played most of his high school career as a WR, where he had back-to-back 1600+ all-purpose yard seasons, including 35 total touchdowns. He earned All-Tri-County First Team in those seasons as well as All-East Bay Area First Team and All-Metro honorable mention as a senior.

2020 Prospectus

Damon will likely be a backup in the secondary, but he has a much more straightforward path to playing at corner than he did at wide receiver.

Jalen Walker and Avery Williams are the presumed starters at corner. I think Markel Reed showed last season that he’s worthy of being in the mix as well, considering Avery has had a few challenges. Also on the roster are Marques Evans, Tyric LeBeauf and Chris Mitchell. LeBeauf has had the most playing time out of those 3, but it wasn’t much, so the door is wide open for the two deep (for the most part). I consider Reed a 1b to Williams 1a for the time being, but that could flip by the beginning of the season.

Earl, Clark and Robinson will be coming in as 2020 classman, looking to make a name for themselves right away. Earl has had some experience at the JC level, so I anticipate he would be in the best position to see the field. Clark and Robinson both had great tape and could easily compete for back-up playing time.

Cole will definitely have is work cut out for him. As an upperclassman who has been around the program for a while, he has an understanding of the culture, but needs to show he is ready to step up on the field.

Is he on Twitter?

He is, and while this particular post isn’t from his account (it’s his dad’s), it certainly appears that he’s ready to step into a bigger role.

Completely made up fact

Damon is a bit of an amateur cryptozoologist. He’s spent a lot of time in McCall looking into the whereabouts of Sharlie. While he hasn’t found her yet, he has spent plenty of time at The Pancake House when not on Payette lake, because he also likes pancakes.