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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Athlon top-25; MBB adds a signee too!; The MJ documentary

NCAA Basketball: Mountain West Conference Tournament- Boise State vs San Diego State Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

I just found out that ‘Aaarrgghh’ isn’t a real word.

I cannot express how angry I am.

Athlon with an early top-25

That is, if we can play football, amiright?! Too soon?

Yes Boise State is on here. Super-helpful tip for searching through articles to see if it is worth your time: ctrl+F, ‘Boise State’. If you don’t come up with any hits, you can move on.

Bronco MBB adds a winner!

I mean. I can only assume as such since he joined the Broncos. Recruiting never sleeps (for ant team!) even during a pandemic.

You guys watch that Michael Jordan documentary on ESPN?

I know a lot of folks did what with it being a literal ratings bonanza. But there are a few stories ‘after’ the documentary.

(I am sure I don’t have to mention it here but, just in case, Chris Childs was the guy who one-twoed Kobe. It’s actually pretty hilarious if you ever felt like checking it out on Youtube. It’s super-easy to find the video.)


Well this is fun. Animagraffs. Shows how things work.