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Something good happened! Boise State 2021 recruiting off to a promising start

NCAA Football: Boise State at Colorado State Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There are two ways to be during a terrifying pandemic—extremely online and plugged in to the mostly bad news of the day or extremely offline and trying to act like there is some semblance of normal happening. Well, it was during one of those latter times that something rather good and rather sports related happened last night...the Broncos got a football commitment. To say that it’s been quiet around here is an understatement...people are so hungry for sports content that they’ve been airing cornhole on ESPN and the UFC bought an island. But it happened...a new Bronco sports development that doesn’t include the words “cancelled” and frankly, I couldn’t be happier.

Last night, as I was trying unsuccessfully to capture a picture of the cool-looking moon, the Broncos got their first commitment of the 2021 class and when you check out his highlight film and offer list, one could be led to believe it’s a doozy.

Jai Jones—a 230 lb. linebacker out of South Oak Cliff High School in Dallas (I didn’t list his height because he’s either 5’10” or 6’ 1” according to who you ask) provided an answer to a future trivia question by announcing his pledge to the Broncos. In this time of social distancing nothing seems more distant than football recruiting, so many of us hadn’t really heard of or done much legwork on Jones, but initial thoughts are very positive. For one, Jones had announced offers from Baylor, Cincinnati, Colorado, Georgia, Georgia Tech, LSU, and Texas A&M, among others (several more others, as a matter of fact). Kids with SEC offers picking the Broncos isn’t brand new, but several of those offers and the defending national champs...that’s definitely saying something. Jones is currently rated the 3rd best linebacker in the Dallas area for this class and a .8638 (3-star) recruit on 247sports. 247sports predicted he’d be headed to Arkansas, where his father played, but the lure of The Blue seemed to have won him over.

Oh, looks like I owed you all a “for two” it is:

Dude is a wrecking ball. Looks like he can play off the edge and in the traditional LB role which will give him lots of flexibility if he holds true to his pledge. I hear tell he has a twin brother as well, so that will provide another interesting prospect to follow to see if he is offered by the Broncos and wants to wreck stuff with his bro. All in all, a GREAT start to the 2021 football class, now let’s put our collective good vibes toward hoping that 2021 isn’t when we see live football again.