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Dynasty: Lady Broncos take 4th straight Mountain West title; punch ticket to tourney

AP Photo/Isaac Brekken

It’s been a weird year for the Broncos. Not a bad year, mind you...just a weird one. Punctuated by some late game meltdowns and puzzling losses, the Bronco gals nonetheless finished the year strong and came into the MWC tournament looking like the team to beat...even if Fresno State was the actual team to beat. Well, if “finding a way” was worth a nickel, Gordy Presnell would need to wear a belt (that’s what I get for consulting the Dennis Miller Book of Idioms). The women again found a way against a very game Fresno State squad and pulled of an overtime victory with their two best players (Ashanti Coleman and Braydey Hodgins) on the bench. If close football games give you the shakes, this game could have put you in an early grave. Suffice it to say, it ended in the strangest way possible—with Fresno being called for a technical for calling a phantom timeout instead of the Lady Bulldogs sinking another game-tying field goal.

Fourpeat complete (trademarking this just for the heck of it) and the ladies are going dancing (just hopefully not after the game in Vegas—tetanus risk and all).

Is Gordy the Coach Pete of women’s b-ball on campus? I don’t know...but when you see that pinstriped button-up, you know the ladies got a shot.

Congrats to our Broncos! Make some noise in the tourney!