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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Watch a dude kick a ball; WBB and MBB what ifs; Grading CFB hires

COLLEGE SOFTBALL: MAR 07 Boise State at Arizona Photo by Jacob Snow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When my father died he wanted to have his ashes pressed into a record.

It was his vinyl request.

Watch a future Bronco kick some footballs

Because—sports wise—what else are you going to do?

ESPN’s Joe Lunardi had Boise State in the NIT

Which would have been fun to see.

Obviously circumstances changed—dramatically. With the WBB guaranteed an NCAA slot, and the MBB a good chance at the NIT, our shooty-hoops enjoyment would have lasted at least a little while longer. I can only assume that both squads would have won the respective championships in both of their brackets.

Athlon grades some CFB hires

No, the Broncos don’t need to be on this list. There are some decent-sized Boise State connects on here. There was a tremendous amount of movement in the Mountain West this year (reminder: six teams had to get new coaches). And Boise State is the only school in the MW that has a head coach with a conference title. Seems—to me anyway—that the grading scale went a bit easy. At least in the case of Colorado State because, yeah, that grade is was way too generous.


I can’t remember if I have done this before. But: Hungry Trees.