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NFL: Combine
That’s a good number to wear, son
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

We all knew Ezra Cleveland was pretty good. We all knew he had some of the tools that the scouts covet. We also knew (or thought at least—admit it) that his draft stock might’ve been shaken by another up and down year from the Bronco O-line. Well, Cleveland wanted to gently remind any detractors that he was an elite prospect this weekend at the NFL Combine and now, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the last few years that performed Better than Ezra (yes, that was a 90s alt-rock joke).

Pre-Combine it appears that Cleveland was, indeed, a bit further off the radar than one would hope.

This is when you grab the mic and drop Rapper’s Delight, Ezra. They’ll show.

Then the 40 yard dash happened (well, not in that exact order...but this got the ol’ eyebrows a-raisin’). Cleveland is 6’6” 311 lbs. and ran exactly as fast of a 40 as one GOAT Boise State QB.

The bench press also was a bright spot for Cleveland, who threw up 30 reps of 225 (fantastic for anyone, but especially for a tackle). get that mic: Rapper’s Delight. He’ll learn.

All told, Cleveland busted open the combine in a semi-historic way. He ran the 3-cone drill (7.26 seconds) faster than Seahawks rookie standout DK Metcalf ran it last year at the combine (7.38) and all around just destroyed the testing. If you can follow this graphic at’s real good.

That’s a lot of green...and big Ezra might’ve made himself a lot of the same. CBS Sports certainly like what they saw...and think the 2nd round may be his floor.

Not bad, kid...not bad.