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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Tyler Rausa; CFB returning production; A treat!

Nevada v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Bro, can you pass me that pamphlet?


Former Bronco scores the very first points for the XFL


Congratulations to Mr. Rausa on this achievement. Who knows if the XFL is going to survive in round two. Perhaps will at least do better than the AAF? Football could really use a good minor league for players to go either after college or as an alternative (provided they still wait the three years after high school).

At any rate, Mr. Rausa deserves all the high fives.

CFB teams with returning production

Boise State is no. 62 overall and third in the Mountain West (Colorado State and UNR tied for first with 69%—nice—each). Northwestern and Georgia Tech are both tied for no. 1 overall with 84% of returning production. Course, a lot can happen in the coming months so we will see if those numbers remain.

Local reporter enjoying the only nice thing about Logan, Utah

There. I said it.

And I totally, 100% mean this.


Can’t not tweet this.