Boise Has officially Clinched a spot in the Conference championship game!

Unfortunately Boise State had to cancel yet a second game due to politics surrounding the Covid19 virus.

On the bright side, with this most recent cancellation, Boise State has guaranteed themselves a spot in the conference championship game. How is this possible you might ask? Let's dig into it.

To qualify for the CCG teams must have played a minimum of 2 less games then the average number of games played by all members of the conference. Right now after all the cancelled games so far this season, that average number of games currently stands at 6. Since BSU has already played 5 games then they qualify whether they play there last game or not.

BSU is currently tied for 1st place in the conference with SJSU at 4-0. While both Nevada and Fresno State are one game behind at 5-1 and 3-1 respectively. Fresno and Nevada are slated to play this weekend so if that games is played then one team will fall with a second conference loss.

So this is how BSU has already clinched a spot in the championship: If BSU's last game is cancelled then they finish the season undefeated in conference play and play SJSU (assuming they don't lose) or the winner of Nevada and Fresno id SJSU loses out.

Even if Boise State loses to Wyoming and falls to 4-1 in conference then they would still hold the advantage since they don't play either Navada or Fresno so it would come down to record against common opponents which would come down to the Hawaii game in which BSU won and both FSU and Nevada lost.

Therefore no matter what happens in BSU's final game they will be guaranteed a spot in the Title game.

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