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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Derrick Alston gets recognized; Avery Williams is good; Kellen Moore?

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

If you’re here for the yodeling lesson

Please form an orderly, orderly, orderly queue.

Derrick Alston gets Mountain West player of the week nod

A well-deserved honor at that. Dude has been impressive so far this year. Really looking forward to Mr. Alston taking this team far this season. Just hope that another elusive Mountain West title can also accompany the accolades.

Avery Williams third team AP All-America

Which is ridiculous. I don’t see how a guy can have four special teams touchdowns, a punt block, and be in the top-20 for return yards in both punt and kick off returns only garnering a THIRD team? Goes to show you that there is a level of disrespect in the P5 vs G5 dichotomy that goes beyond the G5 never reaching a CFP spot. A guy this dynamic not getting the real recognition he deserves is a dang shame.

Kellen Moore update:

Something, something, process, something something.

I get that there is a potential playoff spot on the line but there is a VACANT HC SPOT THAT WE NEED TO SETTLE RIGHT NOW.

I just want to know which head coach I am going to be stumping for the next few years.


Here is a website that predicts whether or not your job can be done by robots. Mine ‘only’ has a 3% chance of that happening. So that’s cool.