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BREAKING: Bryan Harsin reportedly headed to Auburn

Out the Door Eagle?

NCAA Football: Utah State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

This gained steam REAL quick. After being reportedly targeted for the Arizona HC gig just a few days ago (probably not), Bryan Harsin went from hot name in the Auburn coaching search to virtual “done deal” in a matter of 30 minutes. First reported by Pete Thamel on Twitter and then in short order echoed by virtually every major sports outlet, it would seem that there is indeed a raging fire to go with all this smoke. Just moments ago, ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg all but announced Auburn’s new HC himself:

So, if you wanted an exciting offseason, you pretty much got it all in one giant helping. Nothing like drinking from the firehose, eh? So, the Broncos head into their 3rd day of the offseason having skipped a bowl, had numerous Harsin emails distributed that showed some major conference confirmation that some of the flirting with the ACC was mutual...and all this with an ongoing search for our next athletic director. Wowee, this is going to be SOMETHING.

Of course, the football players and most boosters have already thrown their support behind long-time athletic department staffer Brad Larrondo (and brother of former KTVB mega-star Ryan Larrondo) as their choice for the AD, and Larrondo might be the type of continuity hire we might HAVE to make considering the challenges that have come with the current...(points at everything).

Also, since we have no AD currently, there’s no one’s office to flood with calls to hire Oregon DC Andy Avalos...because they should totally call Andy Avalos...yesterday. We can speculate in the next few days about who else should make the Broncos DO call list, but for now let’s just let this news ruminate a bit. Harsin won 3 conference titles and a Fiesta Bowl while at the helm. He also blocked me on Twitter, but that might’ve been my fault.