An Incredible Idea (so incredible someone else must have thought of it)

The thought has been ricocheting in my head for a long time. Okay, not so long, maybe just this morning.

Not so long ago a threat came by way of California. It was to the effect that if a certain law was not passed, California teams could no longer travel to Idaho. Such a proposal is arrogant and ridiculous. Anyway, it has more holes than bullet holes in Bonnie and Clyde’s getaway Ford.

However, if they are that shallow and intolerant towards others, there is a solution. Here it is.

If purity in culture and politics mean so much, give them their own pure conference. The PAC (Pure Athletic Conference).


2, Southern Cal.

3. Cal.

4. Stanford

4. San Diego

5. Fresno

6, San Jose

7. Oregon

8. Oregon State

9. Washington

10. Colorado

11. Colorado State (The Bufs and Rams are sort of California lite.)

12. And Hawaii (Somebody to slap around)

That would leave a-Not-So-Pure Athletic Conference (NSPAC, pronounced En-spack or Ens-pack.)

1. Arizona

2. Arizona State

3. New Mexico

4. New Mexico State

5. Nevada


7. Utah

8. Utah State

9. Washington State

10. Wyoming

11. Air Force

12. And the crown jewel—Boise State.

That’s twelve schools in each conference.

Of course, there is some flexibility. I’d gladly send Air Force to the PAC for no other reason than the triple-o is a gigantic thorn in the flesh.

BYU was left out because I don’t think they want a conference and likewise, nobody wants them.

Each conference will have two divisions of six teams each. They must schedule every team in their division and at least three from the other division. Every team will play eleven pre-scheduled games. The twelfth game will be a conference championship between the two division leaders. The other twenty teams will play the twelfth game by a draw; teams from within their conference or the other conference. Thus everyone will have twelve regular-season games.

Then each conference winner will play a game—their thirteenth. The winner will be awarded an automatic place in the National Championship tournament.


Tomorrow I'll tackle world peace.

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