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The 10 do’s and 500 don’ts of playing Wyoming

NCAA Football: Wyoming at UNLV Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

I could have titled this “Don’t do what Donny Don’t does” but I couldn’t find him on the roster. It’s been a wild week and perhaps I was a bit gun-shy about writing a full game preview knowing that the game could be called at the 11th hour, so with the game in roughly 5 hours, here’s the Cliffs Notes.

Ten do’s when playing Wyoming

Do wrap up. Boise State’s tackling at the tail end of the Hawaii game turned a laugher into a nail-biter. PLEASE do not do that again. Xazavian Halladay is more than just a SUPER high score on Scrabble. He’ll take you for a ride if you don’t put him in the grass.

Do establish the run. This might be easier if George Holani is really back after being shelved since early in the Air Force game (that was our second game of the season).

Do protect the ball. Wyoming would LOVE some extra chances on offense and in the past, their defense has been good at obtaining them.

Do not sit in the pocket. I love Hank Bachmeier to death, and he’s tough as nails...but protect ya neck, kid.

Do kick to Avery Williams. Seriously, this.

DO not let up. Boise State has been pretty solid early this year before letting teams claw back late. I know a lot of this is due to the depth chart being as shallow as a kiddie pool, but as a former Bronco coach once said, “it doesn’t have to be close”

DO not overlook the Cowboys. The Broncos have already clinched their spot in their 4th straight MWC title game. It’d be awfully easy to mentally check out of this one...but

Do shake the rust off. Boise State hasn’t played in 3 weeks. I’d like to think they are hungry, but it’s easy to see why they might be a as well.

Do remember the TEs. Boise State needs to make Riley Smith and John Bates an integral part of the game plan again.

Do bundle up. It’s gonna be a cold one.

One don’t (okay, there are less than 500)

DON’T lose. Seriously, guys...this game is semi-meaningless but we’re Boise-freaking-State...we ain’t traveling to Laramie, Wyoming for our health.

Score prediction

Boise State 34, Wyoming 17