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Bullet points: Boise State vs. BYU

BYU v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

The bullet list takes on new meaning this week as many Bronco fans needed to be talked from the ledge on Friday night. That wasn’t fun...let’s not do that again (especially against them).

  • I did not enjoy that.
  • Boise State MIGHT have 3 of the best quarterbacks in the conference in their QB room, which amounts to exactly jack squat when they are all on the sideline. I’d like to think if Sears had not been concussed, the Broncos might have kept this thing respectable (especially with Khalil Shakir looking uncoverable late), but thems, as they say, are the breaks.
  • Speaking of respectable—I do not believe the defense put up a performance worthy of much of it. Sure, things were okay in the first half after giving up another bafflingly long rushing TD, but the wheels fell off in the second half and that group looked lost.
  • We PAID BYU for the opportunity to embarrass us on our home field and bolster their New Years hopes. Just thought I’d mention that.
  • Khalil Shakir is a bad dude. In about 30 seconds he scored a long TD for the Broncos, recovered an onside kick and then scored ANOTHER TD. It was largely the only 30 seconds of the game worth remembering.
  • Well, okay I remembered a couple other things—namely Scott Matlock registering two sacks in the game. The local product is coming into his own and definitely is the more terrifying of the Matlocks (the other being Andy Griffith).
  • Cade Fennegan will be a good QB. He is just a true freshman (and one that served a two-year church mission) and he was put in a really unenviable situation, but he didn’t wilt even after a lot of adversity and I respect the effort.
  • That said, Boise State would have been a tad better served if Hank, Chase, or Jack could’ve gone. Nothing will erase this loss, but I have a feeling a lot of folks (even CFB pundits) didn’t really feel this was a fair fight once Sears left the game.
  • A lot of players took to social media after the game to voice their embarrassment and while you can’t dwell on a loss like this, that’s EXACTLY the type of response you hope to see from the players.
  • Is Colorado State “in trouble” now? I don’t know...our home field advantage has been neutered by the pandemic as has our depth chart. I certainly like our chances better if Hank, George, etc are back in the lineup but our defense really needs to tighten up to avoid a barn-burner.
  • Speaking of George...