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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Cedrick Wilson; SP+ ranking; Utah State coaching search

Washington v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I’ve secretly converted to Norse Paganism,

Shhh... I’m trying to keep it Loki.

Check out this awesome pass by Cedrick Wilson for a big punt return

Kind of lame that the dude didn’t actually get the touchdown but still a great play by Wilson.

Boise State at no. 41 in the ESPN SP+

Which is tops in the Mountain West. That’s cool, I suppose. San Diego State, which also lost this past weekend, is number two. But you can click on the link to find out where they are situation. Not that I think you particularly care.


Listen: Andy Avalos deserves every nice and good thing that comes his way in the football world. Any job he wants he should have. But Utah State may be a bridge too far. In fact, I am not sure if I would want him in any school in the Mountain West (maybe Hawaii?). Nothing will be known until the end of the season but I just hope this isn’t going to be among the news dumps. 2020 just needs to end.


Here is a website that lists a bunch of hidden easter eggs in stuff.