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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Demetri Washington; Unis for Friday; Guests in Albertson’s Stadium

Vizio Fiesta Bowl - Boise State v Arizona Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The day my daughter turns 18, I’m going to buy her a locket, put her picture in it, and when she opens it tell her:

“Well, I guess now you really are… independent”.

Check out the threads for Friday’s game

These always look slick. I know that there are some folks that prefer blue on The Blue, which is fair. But having some fun with the uniform options is also nice.

Speaking of the BYU game

Looks like there are going to be some folks in the stands.

Man, I am not sure how I feel about this. With COVID-19 on the uptick and gatherings limited this is a controversial look.

I will say this: it does appear that everyone in attendance will have to be masked, tested, and socially-distanced.

Also of note: no paying fans. Seems as though each person would have been given a “free” ticket in any other normal circumstance. So it isn’t as if Boise State is really making any money off it.

I hope everyone is able to stay safe.

Demitri Washington out for the year

Which... sucks. Mostly because you hate to see anyone get hurt in general. While these injuries happen all the time against every team, the fact it happened against Air Force and their... unique... blocking scheme adds to the irritation. Looking forward to him getting back on the field.


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